Hey! You found my little bubble on the interweb. So pleased you found me! 

My blog is where I post things about food. I have no culinary expertise, I just like eating it and cooking it. Olly pointed out that he likes the stuff I cook, and people I cook for reflected the sentiment, and so the idea came about that I could blog about my food and recipes, talk about other people’s food and recipes, and generally have an excuse to think about well, more food.

I never used to cook. Used to think it was quite a pain in the ass really. Slightly pointless and really fussy, when Dominos sells such glorious delights as pizza and chicken kickers. But at a certain point, during my student days, I realised that actually stuff that could be baked in the oven wasn’t fulfilling enough to eat, (and was making me a bit er, cuddly) and therefore I would have to learn to cook.

I started off mainly using a slow-cooker, which I still swear by and use two or three times a week. Dump the food, leave, and come back to a house that smells delicious.

As time went on, I started looking at more complex recipes, how to cook fish, how to julienne veg, batch cooking, you know the deal. Eventually, I became one of those people who really love second hand cookbook shopping on amazon. I like reading the recipes through, and picking out the ones I want to try.

I make up little recipes, based on things I’ve read, or a recipe I found, but didn’t like the ingredients for, and they usually turn out really nicely. They aren’t always the holy grail of healthy eating but a sausage and chorizo lasagne is never, ever going to be a bad thing (seriously, I love it.) Over time I will share some of the indulgent stuff I make, as well as the healthy, because treat yo’self is a thing. And we all should do it sometimes.

The food I cook has taken on a different identity too. I am losing weight at the moment, and I found ‘plants and protein’ is an approach that works for me. Basically, the bulk of the food I eat is plants, or protein with minimal carbs. I try to add a reasonable quantity of protein to each meal I eat, mainly because it keeps me fuller for longer and therefore less likely to inhale half a kilo of doritos after lunch, and chicken, eggs and the like are a big part of that. There are so many vegetables, grains, legumes and fruits out there to try. Most of them are really tasty. (Beetroot though… beetroot is Satan’s vegetable.)

A lot of the food I share is based on how I cook with plants and protein, but there will be some indulgent stuff too. Two things that probably won’t feature much are fruit and baking. Fruit, because I am allergic to some of it if it’s not cooked, (apples, pears, nectarines… it goes on), and baking because I do not bake. I absolutely hate it. (And I hate the Great British Bake Off, which is considered to be sacrilege by many.) It requires precision and patience that just are not in my arsenal of qualities. The only thing I make is sticky chocolate chip cookies, on special occasions, for someone else, usually under duress.

I will also post about other recipes I’ve tried, from blogs, books, and other sources – definitely not my recipes, but I can definitely share what it was like to cook them and eat them.

Food inspirations for me: Nigel Slater, Nigella Lawson, Chrissy Teigen, Hairy Bikers, Jamie Oliver (sometimes), Antonio Carluccio, various food blogs, magazine articles, Pinterest. Basically if it’s food related, I’ll read it.

So, hey! Looking forward to including you in the food journey I’m going on – yep, it’s related to losing weight, but it’s also about enjoying food, clean eating, and how it forms a part of my life.

I hope you enjoy what you find here, and if you have any comments or questions, let me know! 🙂