Hi! I’m Sarah.

I have been into the blogosphere before (if you’re interested, this is what I used to do) and for one reason or another (maybe laziness) stopped posting about four years ago. But I have decided it’s time to start afresh and try again. Namely because I’m running out of Netflix to watch.

I live with the best bloke ever (his name is Olly, I suppose I’m a bit keen on him), and we have two little cats, Patches and Loxley. We rescued them in 2015; they’re two years old and I love them more than cheese. For real. 

Since I left my last blog, life has moved on and I have different things to write about now. Er, actually, I have one thing to write about now: food. Something strange happened to me last year – I suddenly didn’t want to eat pizza anymore because the scales and I had a falling out. It was awful; I started to question everything. I found myself making Pinterest boards about clean eating. And before I knew it, I’d crossed the Rubicon, purchased chia seeds and taken up a gym membership. That’s kind of how all this started. 

I started faffing about, taking ‘artsy’ and ‘instagrammable’ photos of food, and wondering how many sets of crockery is too many. Scribbling down little recipes. Playing with a very nice camera, wondering what all the little symbols mean. And here we are – a very new, totally amateur food-ish blog. If you want to read more about me and food, click here.

Thanks for listening – follow my blog if this is your cup of tea.

If you have any questions, or just fancy a chat, let me know.