Last week I wrote about a potentially over ambitious meal plan that I wrote for this week. And okay, it’s not technically the end of the week yet, but in culinary terms, most of the excitement has passed, and I’ve already written next week’s plan and done the shopping. So I thought for the sake of posterity, I would have a look over what I did eat this week, what worked, what didn’t and what I will alter next week.

For a food point of view, I’m proud of the balance I achieved, including lots of whole foods, and I made almost everything made from scratch, not to mention the recipes I tested and managed not to put in my face.

I also walked to work every morning, and went for two evening jogs, even though my calves were on fire. I put together a gym plan, and once I get my car back, I hope to replace the jogging with weight lifting, because I hate jogging with an absolute passion, and look like a sweaty, lumbering rhino while I do it. At least when you lift you don’t jiggle.

In total, lost 2lbs this week, so yay!

So this week, as a quick run down:


Cheddar and roasted tomato omelette, sliced apple, tomato and jalapeno relish.

  • Two egg omelette with tomatoes and cheddar, with a sliced apple or banana
  • Cinnamon and sultana oatmeal with honey, chia seeds and skimmed milk
  • UFit Chocolate Milkshake with 22g protein

Omelette was really tasty, and kept me pretty full until lunchtime. I didn’t feel I was missing out on anything, and enjoyed the banana alongside it. Sliced apple: yep, still mildly allergic (so my apple was followed by a loratadine chaser…).

The oatmeal was my favourite – filling (but not too filling) and had a good balance amount of sweetness. I didn’t add any sugar or golden syrup, just the honey, and the chia seeds made me feel extremely virtuous.

UFit milkshake – they sell these at work, and one morning I woke up pretty late, so had one of these for breakfast. Didn’t taste terrible, and I wasn’t ravenously hungry, plus it had 22g of protein. Yay!


By far my favourite is the Broccoli and Jerk Chicken Salad. I really love that dressing (and put it on a lot of stuff). Tried to keep lunches this week veggie and protein based, with minimal added fat.

The soup was a little bit of a mistake – I should have made something chunkier, because I loved the taste, but didn’t feel at all full. This week I’m changing to a chickpea, lentil and chilli soup in the hope that I won’t want to eat a skirting board by 2.30pm.


Sweet Potato, Kale and Sausage Bake – Pinch of Yum

Okay, just realised I ate the blackbean casserole three times this week – two dinners and one lunch. It tasted really good, was filling and I had some mango chutney with it. I wrote about it in this post! 

Skinny beef and mushroom stew was the absolute best when I came home that night. The rain was pouring, it was cold, and I didn’t feel at all like eating healthily. However: it doesn’t take long to prep, just a little while to cook, and it was like being gently rocked and snuggled while I ate it. So comforting, and still skinny. Win-win situation.

The harvest wild rice skillet was really good and I LOVED the blend of sweet and savoury – I ran out of squash, but subbed in some sweet potato. I’m going to try it again next week with squash, and make the recipe as per instructions, because I think I could have cooked it better. Also this was really quick to make, (10 minutes, tops.)

The Hairy Dieter’s risotto was good, but it led me to a dieting decision: I have decided to avoid risotto unless it’s for a treat. The low fat version just isn’t as creamy and you can tell it’s low in butter. Which I feel is essential to a risotto. I’m not always convinced when it comes to making delicious, marginally unhealthy food healthy. I don’t mind tweaks to thinks, e.g. subbing full fat for light*, but sometimes I think it’s better to go for whole, healthy food in it’s own right, cooked just right, than make a ‘pretend’ version.

I wrote about the sausage, sweet potato and kale bake in Kitchen Chronicles, but: I liked it but next time, I will swap gruyere for cheddar, as I prefer it, and I think the sauce was (IF POSSIBLE) too cheese-y. I used black cavolo nero instead of kale, which made me feel fancy. This was really tasty though, and I’m going to do it again next week. Olly loved it and the method for lightened up cheese sauce was ingenious** and allowed me to have cheese sauce without feeling dreadfully guilty.


For all the wonderful, vegetable based wholesome food above, there was also half a burger, two snack packs of McCoys crisps, three mini sausage rolls, several Pinot Grigio, and a carbonara. Because of a bbq, and also a Friday night exclamation of ‘treat yo’self’. But no worries – I’m eliminating the crisps this week, and making a different and slightly healthier pasta dish as a treat. Also: BALANCE. This is balance.


Well, lost 2lbs, so yay! Other victories included:

  • Not much processed food
  • A vast number of vegetables
  • Lean protein was featured in most of my meals
  • Not (too) much wine
  • Took a good number of walks, and made plans for going back to the gym when car is fixed
  • Did lots of cooking and enjoyed it immensely
  • Decision to avoid ‘faking’ food, e.g. risotto was taken
  • Tried a bunch of new recipes, and made tweaks to them so they work for me

So all in all, I feel really positive, and I think a bit perkier. I haven’t yet magically transformed into a slim, clear skinned, weight lifting goddess, which is rather a shame, but you never know, I might have managed it by next week.

Hope you guys are doing well on your respective journeys. Let me know how you’re doing!


*Except with cheese. Half fat cheese is not cheese. It is terrible. A crime against cheese. Just have half a portion, not half-fat. (If you couldn’t tell, I love cheese, and will not stand it being tampered with, destroying it’s magical, healing properties.)

**Tip for the impatient: if you are making this and are impatient: I would, instead of combining the flour paste directly into the stock and milk, do it backwards. Make the flour and milk paste, and then add half a ladle full of the stock and milk to the bowl to thin the flour out a little. When the mixture is looser, add to the pan. I found this easier as it stops it getting lumpy with little to no effort, plus it thickened up instantaneously.