Hey! Hope you all had a lovely bank holiday. I know I did. I cooked so much food, went to a BBQ and knitted two hats for my sister-in-law. I wanted to share some of the best bits, kind of in the style of a ‘day in the life of’, recipes I tried and the variations I made on them. Let me know what you think!


Sunday 30 April

Sunday mornings are for lie-ins, right? Nopeee. Not in this house. Not on Mr. Patches’s watch. Woke up around 6am with a kitty squealing outside my bedroom door, demanding to be let outside. So off I toddled to let him and his sister out and make some coffee. Made black coffee in a cafetiere, had a shower, got dressed and sorted out my knitting supplies so I could start on a couple of hats for Soph’s birthday. Read a few blogs, Buzzfeed and the news while I drank my coffee.

Logged into myfitnesspal to log what I was planning to eat; indulged on Friday night and at the BBQ, so strictly 1200 calories for the day, as I didn’t plan on going to the gym.


Roast Tomato and Mature Cheddar Omelette, sliced apple and tomato and jalapeno relish.


My favourite omelette! Roast cherry tomatoes in the oven for 15 minutes, beat two eggs with pepper, salt and Tabasco, grate 15g cheddar into a bowl, and heat 10g butter in a frying pan. Pour egg mix in, pushing the cooked egg bit into the middle (omelette style?) until you have a kind of oval shape, add roast tomatoes and cheese and fold over into a taco shape. Cook a little longer, to give the cheese time to melt and the egg to finish cooking.

Serve with sliced apple, basil and relish. I make this quite a lot, because its really quick and means I’m not ravenously hungry all day, and is about two of your five a day.


Egg in the ‘Ole with Bacon


Olly is not on a diet, and it’s Sunday, so I made him egg in the ‘ole with bacon. It’s his favourite, and is really tasty. (I admit to being extremely jealous of the bacon aspect of this breakfast).

Toast two slices of bread. Add three rashers smoked bacon to a large pan and fry until toast pops. When toast has popped, use a cookie cutter to cut a hole in the bread, and melt about 15g of butter into the frying pan with the bacon. Lay your toast slice in the pan, and crack an egg in the hole. Don’t press the bread too hard to the bottom of the pan – you want the whites to spread a little under the toast, otherwise it takes ages to cook and there is always slightly unset egg white on the top.

Turn heat down, and turning bacon occasionally, cook until egg whites are set. When set, take the egg in the holes out of the pan, and turn the heat up again to finish off crisping the bacon. When it reached your desired level of crispy, serve with the eggs.

Add ketchup, a big cup of tea and eat while your partner gives you dirty looks, sighs, and loudly does the washing up to make a point. (Not really, I love making Olly egg in the ‘ole.)

Spent the rest of the morning playing balls with Loxley (I throw tiny pieces of tin foil rolled into balls, she chases them), knitting hats, and watching documentaries on the Yesterday channel. I am fascinated by monarchies, French History, Tudor England, and medieval diseases.


Southwest Blackbean Casserole – Recipe from Pinch of Yum


I love this casserole – I made it for dinner last week, but thought since it’s the bank holiday, I would make a couple of portions for lunch. I wanted something more filling than salad – at work I find it pretty easy to not snack, because I’m busy, but I didn’t want the temptation at home. Beans and lean protein, plus it’s really spicy (maybe because I add an extra chilli).

I change the recipe a little – I use mixed beans instead of black beans, and I add an extra chilli and some peas for a bit more veg. I don’t include the bacon, and just increase the turkey mince instead, and swap out the montery jack cheese for cheddar. I don’t eat it alongside anything else, although Olly had some tortilla chips with his, and I had a tablespoon of mango chutney alongside – I love that stuff.

It’s a great recipe though, Pinch of Yum are amazing.

Ate some lunch, and put on Versailles on Amazon. Might have had a nap, and carried on with my hats.


Sweet Potato, Kale and Sausage Bake with White Cheese Sauce – Recipe from Pinch of Yum

Okay, I didn’t realise I was going to make two Pinch of Yum recipes in a row until I was sat here typing it out! This was really easy to prepare, and tasted really good. Olly had some over rice, but to be honest, I didn’t think it was entirely necessary. It was definitely filling enough, but next time I think I will try a cheddar cheese sauce – I am not the biggest fan of Gruyere, and maybe it was a little cheese heavy. (Did I really just say that?!)



I realised I spent maybe 5-6 hours cooking today. I considered seeing if a kid from the village might want to come and do my washing up – definitely would be worth £5 a hour for that kind of help. I love cooking but it’s the cleaning up that gets on my last nerve, especially without a dishwasher. My kitchen is also really tiny – so you run out of space really quickly.

Finished doing all the washing up after dinner, and nodded off on the sofa watching ‘Borgia’ on Netflix. I can’t get enough of the historical TV at the moment. But cannot get on board with Outlander. It really gives me an ‘odd’ feeling. Hmmm.

What did you guys cook today? Tell me about it!