So, I recently posted about a swim I took in a vat of cheese. And wine, pasta, sausages and bacon, with some chocolate drizzle too. But, as of recently, I have climbed back about the clean eating, healthy, low carb (ish) plant-based wagon. I’ve spent half of today writing a potentially over-complicated meal plan, which totally goes against my whole thing about meal planning, but I like to cook, so… challenge accepted!

Featured heavily are Pinch of Yum recipes; I love that woman’s cooking. Plant based, comforting, doesn’t-feel-too-healthy-kind-of-healthy food. Have you seen her blog? (Not actually affiliated in any way at all, just… love the food so much I can’t stop raving about it. I have converted two co-workers, my partner, and one checkout lady at the supermarket).

The shopping list I did today was basically all the veg they sell, and it doesn’t fit in my fridge. I’ve had to install a fruit bowl as a vegetable overflow unit. But the point is I am so looking forward to trying all these new foods.

Highlights include… (and all credit obviously to Pinch of Yum and others)

And, not only that, added it all to myfitnesspal which means I can log it all without too much pain later on. And it meant I could pre plan what was gonna happen every day, so there’s no easy reason (especially now I’ve committed ££ to half the nation’s vegetables).

I think one of the biggest elements when you first start (or restart) a diet is just how many calories are in food. Which sounds ridiculous, but it’s true. Marketing of so-called ‘healthy’ snacks contributes to this; even a snack pack of trail mix is probably going to set you back 200-300 calories, if you buy those little tubs. Even vegetables (e.g butternut squash) and nuts contain a huge number, and so it’s so off putting when you start checking all the numbers and realise that practically everything is high in calories if you don’t prepare it or portion it properly.

For me, and others I know, the key is the portion sizes, and I am guilty as anybody of grating half a block of parmesan over a salad. But, since I started weighing stuff, it’s easier to know exactly how much is in what I’m eating and I can fix the numbers so that fundamentally I don’t really go without anything.

I feel like I am gaining something. (Not pounds, please.) But a whole new world of culinary endeavour and cuisines, plus I like cooking and improving cooking. I find it so exciting to try new stuff, and I find it therapeutic, especially since I deputise washing up to Olly. I also have a wonderful, optimistic (okay, smug) feeling going into next week, thinking about how I am going to be a wonderful, glowing, vitamin fuelled goddess.

At this point I would totally understand if you needed a bucket to vomit into.

But really *puts serious face on*, I like plant-based, moderation, and portioning as a diet – it works for me. I don’t prescribe to having no carbs, no dairy or no fats; it’s not a sustainable approach, and sure you can stick to it for maybe four weeks, maybe even four years, but eventually you will find yourself ear deep in peanut butter and pasta. Which is also fine, might I add, if that’s what you want to do. Treat yo’ self, as they say. I’m the queen of treat yo’ self. I can find an excuse for literally anything. It’s why I am in need of a diet.

Anyway – I’ll let you know how it goes and I’ll take some photos if it looks yummy. Also check out the recipes above and let me know if you have any amazing bloggers, people, instagrams you follow!