So, a little while ago, I fell off the wagon. No big deal, right? Just get back on it. It’s only one day. Me? No, I had to go balls to the wind, and gave up all of it for four months. Like an absolute idiot. What did I do instead? No idea.

I think there was some cooking. (Sausage and chorizo lasagne anyone? Perhaps I could tempt you with a slow cooked beef ragu? Rack of BBQ sticky ribs?). I did do vast amounts of knitting for my godson. But I’ve barely been for a walk, let alone a weights session recently. Vegetables took a holiday in my cooking repertoire. Cheese was welcomed home with open arms. Cheetos seemed a perfectly reasonable lunch. And so it went on.

Anyway, so as history is prone to doing I had another minor falling out with the scales, but instead of sobbing into the pillow (okay… I sobbed into the pillow a little bit) I decided to dig out the meal plans, check up on the gym membership, and pull my jelly shaped ass out of the cheese pile, so to speak.

Shopping lists were drawn up. Gym plans were rescued from a dusty drawer. A solemn pilgrimage to Sainsbury’s was made. I even dusted off the spiraliser. I made lists, I started a new section in my bullet journal and signed up to Things went from 0 to 100 real quick.

And you know what? It’s okay. I’m glad I fell off. I now know exactly where my bad habits come from and I know what makes me gain weight. But I also know what makes me lose weight. I know how to do it, I’m just sometimes lazy, and that’s alright too.

However I think this time, I’d like to commit better and hit target. Actually at a certain point I will stop worrying about target because aside from losing weight, my ultimate goal is the girl muscles. Strong, able to crack a man’s head between my thighs kind of muscles. Not fitness model (although some people love that and aspire to it, and I have nothing but respect for that kind of commitment), but strong and contoured. Doesn’t necessarily matter how much you weigh if it’s the right kind of weight.

So I’m back again. I’m gonna post some stuff about food. Healthy stuff, and not so healthy stuff too. And I’ll let you know how it goes. If you’re on a similar journey, let us know!