Yep. Laziness is a thing. (See above. The cat is my Loxleybear. She loves being lazy.)

I like to attribute mine to working full time. Despite only being at work for about 9 hours a day, and quite enjoying the time I spend there, I often come home exhausted. That, coupled with an inherent need to lie on the sofa and a couple of setbacks, has meant I have only been very loosely (mmmmmhhmmm) sticking to my diet. I need to go back to the gym, but I keep finding a way to not do that. It’s been 10 days, and so something must be done.

I wonder what it would be like to retire, and have the whole week free. Waking up on Monday, not faced with several days of work, emails and phone calls. I imagine you could become a very well-balanced person. Perhaps have a long, leisurely breakfast, spend an hour in the gym. Come home and do a little housekeeping, hoovering. Settle in and do some knitting, listening to Radio 4. Repeat for most of the days of the week, interspersed with trips to National Trust sites, a little bit of hiking, seeing friends for lunch (in an actual restaurant, not the work kitchen). Cook elaborate, healthy, time consuming meals. Very pleasant if slightly slow paced.

I could even get a dog. Or three. (The DREAM.)

I think to a certain extent it’s psychological; the balance of work and free time is not great, and the best hours of the day tend to require your presence in the office, and using your brain all day saps away your energy for evening activities. So sometimes, I become a sloth.

I know in my mind, going to the gym before work is a good thing; I am much too lazy/irritated by the large number of people there to go afterward. It makes you feel cheerful and perky for the rest of the day. But come 5.30am, the sheets are all snuggly, the cat is sleeping on my face and I don’t want to move.

I shall have to find a way to overcome the hurdle. It will be positive when I do. I’m just waiting for the moment of inspiration to arrive. It’s nearly there, I think. Just a couple more days, and I’ll be ready. I have a three day weekend plan ahead of me, where I will use the time to hibernate and snuggle, ready to begin afresh on Monday. I will even go to the trouble of Thursday night food shopping and organising so as not to have to do anything on the Friday. I think part of my apathy is the need to do things each day; if you’re not quite in the mood, they become an obligation. Sometimes, I do well at adulting and get it all done, with time to spare. And sometimes I do the bare minimum, and act like a sloth.

I don’t think I’m alone in this though; and I think it’s important that we don’t punish ourselves too much when it goes a little askew. We’re all human, and sometimes you’re just not in the mood. It’s okay. Take it slow, until you want to run again.

That’s what I’m doing, at any rate.