I hadn’t really been much of a Pinterest-er until recently. But… I love it. I really do. Did you know there are lots of very amusing memes on Pinterest? There are. Very entertaining stuff. Craft projects for every home recyclable imaginable. Home workout plans; gym workout plans; House of Cards memes. Also, lots of very good recipes, for every diet imaginable.

You want Atkins? We got Atkins. Paleo? Yep, we’ve got that too. Macros, high protein, low carb, zone? There is literally something on there for everyone. It allows you to ‘pin’ things to your boards, so you can fantasise about all of your new clean eating recipes and clothes you’ll wear when you’re super fit. It’s wonderful.

The downside is all that being hopeful and dreaming means that inevitably, you will end up with a board of inspirational quotes. Motivational quotes. That you will then start repeating to yourself. Perhaps you’ll collage a nice desktop background out of them. And that’s when you fall down the rabbit hole.

This is when a Pinterest project seems like a good idea. 101 uses of toilet roll holders; YES, you think to yourself. I have hundreds of toilet roll holders. I would like to make cardboard dragons with them! I could sell them on Etsy as a cute children’s toy! You might even make a list and go to Hobbycraft to spend a princely sum on craft glue and glitter.

You will then spend a very infuriating afternoon surrounded by glitter you will never be able to hoover up, and tiny bits of paper that will get stuck on your jumper.

It may work, and it may not. You may set fire to your hair at some point. But even when you’ve finished, you’ll keep going back to your board: this time, you’ll say to yourself, this time will be different. You’ll pin some new inspirational quotes and try again. And this is why I love Pinterest, because no matter how many times you fail, it’s like a warm, cuddly person holding cookies, saying ‘Don’t worry love, just try again.’

It is the opposite of a Facebook fight. Twitter can be terribly cutting. Instagram is where the cool kids hang out and throw something called ‘shade’. Pinterest is a nice, friendly aunt, who provides cookie recipes, no judgement here.

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